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Horse Tracks 6/23/08

Here's a Monday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Champ Bailey has turned 30, but he won't be fazed.  See here

A writer in Steamboat Springs shares the same struggle that afflicts Jay Cutler:  both have Type 1 diabetes.  See here

Some guy named Ian Henson thinks the Broncos are going 13-3 this season.  Zappa, did you talk to this guy or is Ian an alias of yours?  You should see this article guys.  I thought I was reading from MHR for a moment.  See here

Looks like the man who owned  the Tahoe used in Darrent Williams' death has dumped his lawyers.  For the record, he was in jail on drug charges while his "ride" was being used that fateful night.  See here

Here's a story of a little known backup Broncos QB named Norris Weese.  It was written by Jim Jensen, a member of the 1977 team.  Maybe the older guys would know more about them.  See here

Here's a article on Anthony Alridge.  See here

Niko Koutouvides talked about the competition for the MLB position.  See here

Here's a story to make us all feel good, but know it is never easy.  It's about Haven Moses and his wife celebrating 40 years of marriage.  See here

AFC West

Here's a story about the desperation of the conquered fader nation and signing Javon Walker.  See here

Phyllis and his merry men added a kick returner and cut some not-so-merry men.  See here

NFL News

Pat Summerall had emergency surgery last week.  Be sure to pray for him.  See here

That's all I have today...have a good day!