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Horse Tracks 6/5/08

Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Woody Paige discussed Selvin Young's prediction of 2000 yards.  See here

Tampa Bay wants $7 million from former Bronco Jake Plummer.  See here

Bernie Lincicome blasts the Broncos....again.  Can't he just retire?  See here

Looks like the ESPN play-by-play for the Bronco/conquered fader nation game will have 3 "Mikes".  See here 

Hey Selvin, you want motivation for your 2000 yards?  ESPN Ranks you at N0.60!  See here

Milo Bryant of the Colorado Springs Gazette thinks that Michael Pittman is the best option at the RB.  See here

AFC West

LaMont Jordan's time with the conquered fader nation is coming to an end.  Could he become a Bronco?  See here

Phyllis and his merry men added a former conquered fader to their roster.  They siged C Jeremy Newberry.  Let's hope the culture of losing at oakland rubs off on Phyllis.  See here

NFL News

Former Broncos front office member Rick Smith signed an extension with the Houston Texans.  See here 

 "Inside the NFL" found a home on Showtime.  See here

The Canadian Football League ended their relationship with the NFL.  I didn't even know they had an agreement to start with.  See here

That's all I have today.  Have a good day!