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Horse Tracks 6/6/08

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Here's a Friday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Here's an interesting article about Michael Pittman's life.  See here

Mike Kils discussed the character issues and decisions the Broncos have made.  See here

Tony Scheffler should be back to practicing next week.  See here

Last year's draft class is patiently waiting to make thier impact on the team.  See here

Here is an interesting story on Niko Koutouvides.  See here

Nate Webster Is still competing for a starting position.  See here

We can't have closure until the Colorado Springs Independent chimes in about Travis Henry.  See here

AFC West

Looks like Javon Walker is making a strong first Impression for the conquered fader nation.  See here

Sounds like faders are worried about the offensive tackles.  See here

At least Al Davis got McFadden signed.  See here

Well, the conquered fader naion is not the only team to try to fill holes in the offenive line.  The Missouri Indians are having challenges too.  See here

Looks like Phyllis and his merry men have the top ranked OL and DL.  Where are the Broncos?  No 20!  See here

Former "merry man" Steve Foley is in trouble with the law.  See here

NFL News

A drug dealer that met with NFL officials about players who bought steroids from him is dead.  See here

Also, a man responsible for the stadium threat hoax will get 6 months in a federal prison.  Maybe he should be forced to watch feder games from 2003-present.  See here  

That's all I have.  Have a good weekend!