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Horse Tracks 7/10/08

Here is a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Sorry it is late today.  Enjoy!

How soon can we forget that No. 20 was Travis Henry?  Easy!  Marlon McRee has taken it.  See here

Want to see Gary Zimmerman's induction to the hall of shame?  Maybe you will see Guru there.  Check out the details here.

Here is a story on former Bronco Pat Matson and the ordeal he has had to endure with his knees.  See here

Well the new guys are hitting the, I mean the playbook.  See here

And now for a comic break:


The Colorado Springs Gazette talked about the lack of experience at the kicking positions.  See here

Former Broncos executive Paul Kirk started a new company.  See here

John Elway will receive the Brodie (not Croyle) Award at Lake Tahoe.  See here

AFC West

A second suspect in the beating of former Bronco and current conquered fader Javon Walker.  See here

The Missouri Indians are getting set for camp in Wisconsin.  See here

NFL News

There could be some ownership changes for a few teams soon.  Looks like the Steelers, Rams and Jags could have new owners.  See here

That's all I have.  Have a good day!