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Horse Tracks 7/11/08

Here's a Friday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jay Cutler is ready to go since the diabetes is under control.  See here

Take a look at this story on Jamie Winborn.  See here

Looks like Shanny has faith in Brandon Marshall.  See here

KWGN Ch. 2 in Denver will broadcast the Broncos-Browns game on November 6.  The rest of the country will have to watch on NFL Network.  See here

The Sporting News gives a camp countdown for the Broncos.  They used a writer from the Rocky Mountain News to give the report.  See here

Here's a "NO DUH" article.  Clady will start.  Let's not put too much effort into the article fellas.  You could be mistaken for Bill Williamson.  See here

Jay Cutler thinks Guru's favorite player wants to play this year.  See here

The Broncos made the list for the top 10 fan bases in the NFL.  See here

AFC West

Here's a camp countdown for the conquered fader nation.  See here

Looks like the conquered fader nation will have less parking lot noise this season.  Maybe they are in mourning before they go in to watch their nation get conquered again.  See here

NFL News/Bottom of the Barrel

What is it with current and former players getting in trouble with the law?  Even old kickers are getting into the act!  God help us all!  See here

Jags WR Matt Jones was busted for cocaine.  See here


That's all I have today folks!  I will be in Vail listening to the wife's chorus group sing with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  I will return sometime Tuesday.  Have a great weekend!