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2007 Best and Worst Broncos' Moments #10

Moment #10 -- One of the Best

-- Afterthought, Part I

The Tennessee game is interesting in that it showcased to young talents on the Broncos who had been overlooked up to that point, and who would go on to be overlooked through the coming offseason. When Broncos fans break down the roster, or evaluate the positions, these two players are usually considered afterthoughts.

The first player is Andre Hall.

The play that jumps out at you is a beautiful, 62 yard TD run. Hall would approach the line as the play developed, and then make a graceful cutback that sliced through a perfect running lane. After that he was off to the races. The decisiveness with which he hit the hole belied his inner struggle:

"It was big enough to scare me," Hall admitted. "I didn't know whether to hit this, is it a trick, what's going on? I just went with my gut, hit it and kept it moving.

"It was like practice. You know how they set the plays to open up? That's what it did. Exactly what it did. The offensive line watched everybody, and Brandon kicked his guy out, and the hole opened up."

And the reason he struggled with the decision was because he had already made a major mistake earlier in the game. On only his second rep after replacing an injured Selvin Young in the 3rd quarter, Hall blew a D-gap blocking assignment and was left clutching air as Cutler ate dirt, courtesy of Titans safety Vince Fuller.

Hall was devestated.

It is a testament to a young player that he can show he is able to overcome his own mistakes. Hall didn't let the blown play get him down, and instead he gritted his teeth and committed to giving everything he could, in an effort to make things right. 62 yards later, Cutler weighed in on the RB's missed block:

"He made up for it."

Should Hall be overlooked?

Let's face it, he wasn't drafted this year, or at all, he wasn't recently signed to a lucrative deal and he doesn't have off the field issues cropping up every other day. It makes a lot of sense that we aren't really talking about him right now.

But sooner than later, my scout's eye is going to be reminding me that Hall does a much better job of running with his pads down than Selvin Young. It will be telling me that the speed with which Hall hits the hole is probably the best on the team, and that his burst through the line is the real thing.

Sooner than later we will be reminded that after Henry crapped out on us, and Selvin Young had gone down with an injury, Hall alone would be left, and that when he got injured, he stayed in the game because that is what the Broncos needed him to do.

Sooner than later we will remember that Selvin Young and Andre Hall were neck and neck in training camp, and that the untrained eye couldn't have separated the two of them. That Selvin held on to his starting spot up until his injury is a testament to Young, not a knock against Hall.

He wasn't drafted. There was a reason for that. But he has had a year in Broncos Blue and Orange to win for himself the best objective evaluation that coaches and fans have the ability to give him.

You owe it to him, you owe it to yourself. Keep an eye on #23 in training camp.