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Horse Tracks 7/23/08

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Here's a Wednesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jack Williams is eager to help this year.  See here

Being a coach is in Jeremy Bates' blood.  See here

I have another gambling site with the Broncos preview and odds of winning the AFC.  See here

The Sporting News has our CB in the top 15.  Take a guess who's NO.1.  See here

Even USA Today has a list on top rookie rushers.  Ryan Torain is on the list.  See here

Fox Sports gave our team a little more respect than ESPN.  See here

Broncos Erik Pears was listed on the Mountain West Conference 10th anniversary team.  See here

Here's an article on former Bronco Trevor Pryce.  See here

Why hasn't Eddie Royal signed yet?  Easy!  He was getting his picture taken for his rookie card.  See here

AFC West

Where do you go when the Missouri Indians don't want you?  Simple!  Join the conquered fader nation!  Greg Wesley signed up for Al's bunch.  See here

A paper in California listed 10 key issues facing the conquered fader nation.  Only 10?  The writer didn't put much thought into this one.  See here

Think we have some long odds?  Check out the Missouri Indians.  See here

Super Bowl or bust for Phyllis and his merry men?  Let's hope Jay and company contribute to the bust.  See here

That's all I have today.  Have a good one!