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Road Trip! Denver Broncos Training Camp 2008

Trainingcamp_08_web2_medium Live Reports Begin 7/31 Milehighreport_medium

Rumors have been swirling for awhile now, so let this be the official announcement that I will be heading out to Denver to take in 3 days of Broncos Training Camp. I couldn't be more excited, being a Broncos fan that has to do all of this "fan stuff" from afar. While watching on TV is nice and all, I want to see some of these Training Camp battles with my own eyes. I arrive in Denver on 7/30 and will take in both workouts on 7/31, 8/1 and 8/2.

First, the important stuff. If any of you will be taking in Training Camp while I am there, let me know! I would love to meet some of you, and better yet, many of you have offered up drinks. Never one to turn down a cold brew I'd be happy to oblige! I'll have on the latest and greatest MHR T-Shirt on so I'll be easy to spot!

Next, there are a couple of Training Camp stories that are intriguing to me and I'll be keeping my eyes on: (in no particuler order)

1. O-Line Battle - I want to see Chris Kuper and Eric Pears up close and personal. I want to see if Tom Nalen is still a factor, and, of course, how Ryan Clady looks in pads going up against NFL defensive talent.

2. WR Battle - Can Brandon Marshall take contact on his (still recovering) injured arm? Who is going to step up and win the #2 WR battle. Just how good of a receiver is Eddie Royal right now?

3. Intriguing Undrafted Free Agents - I will be watching a couple of these guys very closely, starting with Wesley Woodyard and Tyler Polumbus

4. The LB Corps - Is Niko Koutouvides the type of leader in the middle the Broncos need? Can Boss Bailey stay healthy and step up his play?

5. Quarterback - It is the Denver Broncos, right? Gotta watch how #6 looks in his first real football work since being diagnosed with Diabetes.

6. Running Back - If Selvin Young is going to run for 2000 yards it will start in Training Camp. Specifically I will be watching for his ability to run inside and in short yardage. I want to see Ryan Torain as well. Of course, Peyton Hillis is on my watch list as well.

7. Sense of Urgency - The biggest hing I am looking for is a sense of urgency. I want to see inspired practices with alot of energy and some bloody noses. A few shoves and punches would be refreshing as well. If the Broncos are going to get back to being a tough, hardnosed football team, it needs to start Day 1. Since camp will be a week old when I get there things should definitely be heating up.

So what have I missed? Let me know and I will give my thoughts on what I see in those areas as well. Want me to ask specific questions to specific players? Let me know. Make sure they aren't out of line.

Lastly, if you are going to Training Camp at a different time(FirstFan, for instance) let me know. I'd love to get your impressions as well. I want to make this a community effort!!!

Strap it on, MHR, football is back and Your Source for the Denver Broncos is ready!!!