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Horse Tracks 7/25/08

I'm back again folks.  Don't worry though, Zappa and I will keep Horse Tracks going until someone stops us!

Here's a Friday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Here are some local stories about Rod Smith's retirement.  See here and here

Rod Smith still has one big catch to make and he's ready.  See here

With the knowledge of Rod Smith not being around, Denver looks for answers on the field starting today.  See here

Stop the Presses!  Bernie Lincicome wrote something positive.  See here

The Denver Post talked about the kicker too.  See here

Need a game to pass the time and kick some FG?  Check this out!  I'm sure it will make Zappa cry.  See here

Shanny expects to hear from the NFL about Brandon Marshall.  See here

This team has quite a mountain to climb to get back to the top.  See here

Ryan Clady is close to reaching an agreement.  See here

The Defense needs to improve thier grade this year.  See here

John Elway talked about his new left knee and his improved golf game.  See here

AFC West

Looks like the conquered fader nation told LaMont Jordan to stay away from training camp.  See here

The Chefs signed one of their first-round picks.  See here

It looks like Phyllis got all of his newly drafted merry men signed.  See here

Bottom of the Barrel

Well it looks like Guru's favorite player may have his jersey retirement delayed.  See here

That's all I have.  Have a great weekend!