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Report: Brandon Marshall Could Miss 4-8 Games

Many people long for the days when Adam Schefter was on the Broncos beat.  He always seemed to have the scoop, always had his hand on the pulse of the Broncos. 

This time, we hope he's wrong.

In Schefter's report on Brandon Marshall's meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell he states that Marshall is

"facing a 4-8 game suspension for a pattern of conduct the NFL does not approve".

He goes on the state the obvious,

"Losing Marshall for at least a quarter of the season would be a blow to the Broncos."

One thing to make clear.  This is Schefter's opinion, and nowhere does he say that he has heard this from a source.  He even suggests the NFL is still considering what to do with Marshall - 

"But Marshall was arrested three times in the span of one year, though he has yet to be convicted. The league now is weighing whether it should suspend Marshall, and how long the suspension would be."

Schefter has always done a good job of "putting 2+2 together".  He knows past history and how the NFL has handled similar cases.  I am still on the 2-game suspension train, but is that wishful thinking?  Needless to say, it could be an interesting couple of days in Denver for me if news of a prolonged suspension comes down next week.