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And Then There Were None; Ryan Clady Signs, Broncos Roster Complete

As is being reported everywhere, including a FanPost, Ryan Clady has signed his contract and will report for his first day of work on time. 

The marathon, all-night session concluded with the deal being reached about an hour before Broncos were to begin training camp by reporting for physicals at 6 a.m. this morning.

The parameters of the deal would include guarantees of between $10.7 million and $11 million and an option for the rookie left tackle to void after his fifth season providing he meets certain playing time incentives.

The Broncos have made a habit of getting all of their draft picks signed on time, though it seems to go all the way to the last minute.

With Clady signed all 80 of the players on the Broncos roster are ready to get it on.  Here's to a great season.  Let the QUEST begin!