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2008 Broncos Training Camp Report - Day 1 - Afternoon Quotes

First off, take a look on the right sidebar for "Training Camp Casualties".  These will be updated as players roll on and off the injury report.  Hopefully the list doesn't get too long!



On the first practice of training camp --

"It's kind of like the same thing over and over through the OTAs, so [practice] reps over and over help you get better.

"It went well. I think it's actually a little bit easier just because for linemen [pads are] something to hold onto. It's not a running back or anything like that. It's a physical game in the trenches, so it's a lot easier with pads on."

On the last 24 hours (signing contract and first training camp practice) --

"I was pretty calm until I went to sleep and then I kind of woke up like every hour checking my phone and seeing if anything went down. I was a little nervous toward the end, but it all worked out for the best."

On what he calls his dance move he performed at the first practice during stretches --

"I call it the ‘grown man.'"

On what has been his biggest adjustment as a rookie --

"Just learning the plays and adjusting to the speed."

On whether the reality of being an NFL player has ‘smacked him in the face' --

"I think it did after I signed. It kind of smacked me in the face a little bit after that. It's a job now, so you have to come out to work."

On how important it was to sign before the first practice

"I wanted to go through install and learn all of the plays, so it was really important."

On the most noticeable thing about the transition from college to the NFL

"Definitely the speed. Speed and how complex the offense is."


On being injured last season --

"It hurt. It's time that I will never get back, but hopefully I can do some big things this year and forget about the injury. [The injury] is behind me anyways, the way I feel physically, so that's really in the past.

"I feel great now. I can do everything. I still get a little sore, but I'm sure within a matter of months that should all be gone as well."

On whether he feels like a starter --

"I feel like a starter. Ponce the season starts I play equally as much as the guy ahead of me. In this league, guys don't play the whole game, so I work like a starter."

On his thoughts about T Ryan Clady --

"Clady is a good dude. He is a great player. Already I think he's a great player and he is going to contribute in a huge way this year for the team."