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Broncos Training Camp Day 2 - A.M. Notes and Quotes


Day 2 of workouts for the Broncos is underway.  Following from afar, I have to rely on various sources that are live at the practice facility.  I will rotate around based on the information I find.

Here is what I have found out about the AM session --

Another Player Done For 2008 -- First it was Carlton Powell.  Now WR Edell Sheppard is done for the year after teearing his ACL and hamstring during workouts yesterday.  While Sheppard wasn't a name most people were looking to make an impact in 2008, it is never a good thing when you lose some for the year, especially when rosters are already thin becuase of the 80-man limit.


Here are some thoughts from Lindsay Jones from the Denver Post and her Broncos Blog --

The starters on the d-line during the first set of team drills had Ebenezer Ekuban and Dwayne Robertson at tackle, with Elvis Dumervil and Jarvis Moss at D-End. Moss was with the second-team later in the workout. The starting offensive line was LT Ryan Clady, LG Ben Hamilton, C Tom Nalen, RG Chris Kuper and RT Ryan Harris.

- Speaking of kickers, Matt Prater made 7-of-8 attempts this morning, all from at least 40 yards.

- Right guard Montrae Holland was out of practice again, and spent the second half of the workout pushing a sled. There was speculation on the radio on Friday evening that he had made weight between sessions, but his exclusion from the Saturday practice proved that to be false. Holland spent time in the second practice on Friday on the scout team defense — never a good sign.

- Talked to rookie WR Eddie Royal about the injury to rookie DT Carlton Powell. (Royal and Powell were college teammates at Virginia Tech, and are roommates here in Denver.) Powell is out for the season after injurying his right Achilles tendon during conditioning drills earlier this month. "We were just going through a little warmup," Royal said. "When he first did it, I didn’t think it was serious, just a sprained ankle or something. When I found out how bad it was, that hit me hard, being so close to him." Royal said Powell was really upset when the injury first happened, but is more upbeat after having surgery. "He’s already talking about coming back," Royal said.

A couple thoughts.

First, needless to say Montrae Holland's attitude towards this year's camp is a bit disappointing. While I expect he is going to work hard to get back into playing shape, it was a situation that was completely unnecessary. Holland was one of the "sure things" on the O-Line and now that is in question. Best laid plans, I guess.

The news on Matt Prater looks good. 7/8 from beyond 40 yards is good to see. Let's face it, if you get the fortune of strapping it on in the NFL you should be able to kick field goals from inside 40 yards. The good ones are able to get it done from outside the 25 yard line. That is the area that Elam was starting to slip and where Prater will need to step up.

It is good to see that Carlton Powell's spirits are high. We all know that he has a tough road in front of him and we all wish him the best. Luckily, between Brandon Stokley and Ebenezar Ekuban, we have enough experience coming back from such an injury. It's going to be an uphill battle to be sure.

And now some quotes form this morning....


On how LB Boss Bailey fits in with the Broncos --
"He's been great. He did a great job during the offseason conditioning program and adjusted to our system very quickly. He's got the ability to cover the tight end by himself. He plays as a coach... So far so good."

On how LB Niko Koutouvides has played
"Good. We've been watching him for the last 17 days, and (we) try to get the pads on and the chance the evaluate everybody day by day. That's what all the preseason is about-To get a pecking order and see these guys compete and see what they can do in special situations. It's only the second day."

On DE Jarvis Moss' health --
"Jarvis is fine. He's had 17 practices so far, and I'm sure he's looking forward to getting back into football shape. Any time you finish the last part of the season with an injury, it's always a little tough to get back in the offseason. He did a great job in the offseason conditioning program. Hopefully he will continue on improving and be ready for the first preseason game."

On WR Eddie Royal
"It doesn't take any long to realize that he'll become a top notch receiver as well as an excellent returner. He's in great shape, and he's a strong kid. But there is still a learning curve. Hopefully he will improve every day."


On adjusting to his first training camp with the Broncos --
"It is awesome. You have guys flying around. You can just tell from the guys' energy level that everybody has bought into what we are doing and what type of flow we have on defense. That's what you want, man. We had major carry over from practicing in the summer. We didn't have to reinstall anything-We just went right at it and kept things going."

On trying to hold back from full contact during practice
"It can be (frustrating) sometimes, but everybody does this. We did the same thing in Detroit, so you learn how to get used to that and that's what preseason is for. We are just fighting to get to that first game."

On how different it is for him in the Denver defensive system --
"I've been through three or four defensive coordinators in Detroit, so I have seen some of everything. It's not hard for me to adjust for anything at all. As long as the coaches explains it right and it makes sense then I'm all for it."

On the Broncos' locker room environment
"It's been fun. We have a lot of clowns in there. From the defensive linemen to the defensive backs, even the linebacking corps. We have some clowns in that locker room. It's been real fun. I've been enjoying myself."

On who is the ‘class clown' of the locker room
"Hamza (Abdullah), Fox (Domonique Foxworth) and Nate (Webster). The whole defensive line they are always clowning. It's fun. It's just fun to be around them. "

On playing with his older brother, CB Champ Bailey --
"It's a lot more easier for me to be back on the field with my brother. It's a comforting thing for me. It might be for him, too. I don't know-You might have to ask him for that. It's just been fun playing with him and watching and learning and trying to steal some moves from him."


On the chemistry between him and Jay Cutler --
"It's good to be out there and taking some reps with him. He's a great quarterback, so him and Patrick Ramsey and Darrel Hackney have all been getting reps from the top down. They are top notch quarterbacks."

On what he liked about his performance in practice this morning
"The biggest thing for me is that I got my wind back today. I struggled a little but yesterday, just keeping my breath and that sort of thing. Foot felt great today. I didn't notice the whole practice, so it feels good."

On being a ‘go-to' receiving option --
"I think when the third down comes around, I'll be one of the guys that Jay likes to come to. I just got to work on getting the ball in the air and seeing because I have been out of it for a little bit."