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Horse Tracks Sunday, 7/27/08

Here's a Sunday brunch edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Here's a Q and A with Shanny.  See here

Dre Bly is still reminded of Favre and Green Bay to this day.  See here and here

Chris Kuper won't let his broken hand stop him in camp.  See here

Here's a story on Rod Smith's legacy.  See here

The Post also gave a highlight/lowlight to camp.  See here

The D-line draftees of 2007 are trying to restore the "crush".  I'll believe it when I see it.  See here

Jake Plummer is still content retired in Idaho.  See here

John Lynch thinks about a role change.  See here

Denver has a lot of RB to choose from and they all want the top job.  See here

Here's an accurate depiction of Rod Smith by Drew Litton of the Rocky Mountain News....


Jackson and Colbert are battling for the starting WR spot.  See here

Jarvis Moss doesn't want to be any heavier.  Not a good idea if you want to start opposite Elvis.  See here

This team may thrive despite the "low expectations" that the MSM has.  See here

While the kicker is set, the punters are not.  See here

This story talks about Niko Koutouvides and his new leadership role.  See here

Looks like former coach Dan Reeves paid a visit to the Jags' practice.  See here

AFC West

Looks like the Broncos OL will know who to block when they play Kansas City.  See here

I guess this is news..... conquered fader Tommy Kelly spoke to the press.  See here

Some of Phyllis' merry men were placed on the PUP list.  Antonio Gates was on it.  See here

Phyllis and his merry men also vowed to not look ahead this season.  Yeah, sure.  See here

That's all I have folks.  Have a good Sunday!!