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Broncos Training Camp Report - 7/28 A.M. Quotes



On T Ryan Harris
"He is looking good. So far, so good. Ryan is very mature, and he feels very comfortable at the position and he is making big strides."

On 11-on-11 drills --
"Well at the end what we have is a situation where we move the ball and all the coaches are off the field. We just like to see how people perform on their own. We try to put them in a gameday situation. They have down and distance and are actually moving the ball. You can see penalties and dropped balls, you can see big plays and when you try to end practice that way every morning you try to get a situation where the coaches are obviously away. We like to see which guys step up."

On CB Domonique Foxworth
"He had a big play (interception) today. Foxy has had a great camp and great OTAs, and that is what we are looking for-Guys that step up and get better... and Foxy has done that and helped himself."

On WR Brandon Marshall --
"Brandon's hand is fine, but he has to get into football shape. But this is what this (training camp) is for. He has been working out for a month, but there is nothing like working out when you have the pads on in football-related drills. You can run forever, but until you put those shoulder pads on it is going to take some time. He has made some big time strides and you can see the number of plays that he has made in practice."

On the defensive communication system in the helmets
"It is pretty easy here. Everything is working. You get a chance to communicate. We are doing the same thing on the offensive side of the ball. We will do some blitzes, so you still have to be able to signal offensive plays as well as defensive plays. Its good out here, but sometimes it doesn't relate to gameday."