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Horse Tracks 7/29/08

Here's a Tuesday morning edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jim Armstrong fantasizing about the Broncos trading for Favre.  See here

Here are some notes from yesterdays team camp, the news on Jarvis Moss is disheartening.  See here

Brandon Marshall picking up right where he left off in 2007.  See here

Reggie Rivers gives his take on our troubled star wide receiver.  See here

Montrae Holland struggling to get to his target weight, but he appears to be working hard at it.  See here

Tony Scheffler is apparently going to be a stud in 2008.  See here

Dumervil wants to be the anchor at DE.  See here

DeWayne Robertson came to play hard for the Broncos.  See here

Jason Elam still a Bronco in my heart, but I'll be hexing him when Atlanta comes to town.  See here

Here's a report on the AFC West's rising stars.  See here

Here is an NFL Power Poll: Brett Favre style?  In any case, the Broncos are ranked 18th which ticked me off, but still better than other power polls I have seen thus far.  See here


Klis Mailbag, I don't agree that Elway was bigger than the Denver Broncos.  See here

Kiszla demanding a ruling from Goodell now.  See here

Speculation that Abdullah may be the starter.  See here

Take care and have a great Tuesday!!