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Broncos Training Camp Quotes - 7/29 A.M.



On the Broncos' running backs --
"I feel good. Like I said before, the running back position and the safety position I usually save the evaluations for the preseason games. Thus far, I am very happy with both."

On RB Ryan Torain's quickness --
"We talked about him in the draft and I thought he was a first round talent. He hasn't disappointed me yet. We'll get a chance to see if he can hold onto the football, if he can remember his plays when the lights are on. So far he has worked extremely hard, and he's impressed most of the coaches."

On C Tom Nalen's health
"He's fine. I wanted to go a couple days with Tom (and then) give him a day off. He is such a hard-nose tough guy that he wants to go four or five days in a row, but it is rest well needed. We'll do that every few days, so we don't overwork him (and) get him back in football shape with his knee. Knowing Tom, he won't skip a beat. "

On Nalen's offseason recovery --
"He's rebounded very good. One of the reasons we want to give him that day off is so he doesn't overdo it. He's come back from the surgery and worked extremely hard and is in good football shape. Any time you put on the pads and go through this grind it does take its toll, especially when you are a little bit older. Try and be smart with it and still get him in football shape and get him ready for this season."

On turnovers during the morning practice --
"We've had that every day. We try to limit that and that's part of camp. We've had five good days, players have been a little more fresh than in the past because we are not actually doing two-a-days like normal practices. W e are in pretty good shape. Ninety-nine percent attendance in the offseason really helps us in camp because we don't have to overwork them by running them too much. I have been pleased with what they have done. We area just keep working on eliminating those mistakes. That's what camp is for, especially in the first week."


On Coach Shanahan's approach to camp
"This is my first camp here, but this has been my easiest camp. Last year I was at Tampa, the past six years I was at Tampa. I think Coach is doing an excellent job keeping us fresh. Having one practice in the morning, and we come out here and hustle really hard and he rewards us with a walk-through in the afternoon. As a veteran, an 11-year guy, I can tell that my body feels much fresher. I'm taking more reps now because one of our fullbacks is hurt, but I feel a whole lot better now in this part of camp."

On the competition at running back
"We are friends. It's a great competition right now. Selvin Young, he's the lead guy. Andre (Hall) is another good guy. Ryan (Torain), a rookie draft pick, myself. It's going to be great competition. Last year, I believe at this time Selvin was fourth on the depth chart. Look at him now-He is number one. With this offense, and with the coaching staff, I believe they will play the best player."

On his impressions of QB Jay Cutler
"I like Jay. He is a laid back, mellow type of guy. I'm used to Jeff Garcia, the fiery type. Jay is a great quarterback. He is a young guy, but he shows great leadership. I think he has a bright future for him."

On lining up as a fullback --
"I'll do it, I'm not a fullback, but I will do whatever my coach asks me to do. I'm a tailback, and that is what I have been drafted to be coming out of college. If my coach asks me to go in there and feel some blocks, I'll feel some blocks. I'm 220 pounds, I'm strong, but I am not as big as some of these linebackers in league, but I'll do whatever they ask of me."

On his durability --
"I bring a lot to the table with myself, being a veteran, being smart of course. I bring a lot. I can catch the ball well out of the backfield, and I can run the football. Just being around the league and seeing defenses, I try and figure out what they try and bring to the table. I bring a lot to this offense."

On advice he has given to rookie RB Ryan Torain --
"I have just been trying to keep these young guys motivated. And really the odds are so wide open, so big, the coaches are coming down on them. I have just been telling them the things I learned as a rookie. I had it a whole lot worse. I came out in ‘98, and everybody was on me. I was carrying everybody's pads off the field. I have been trying to keep them motivated because sometimes the confidence falls. Being a veteran and being around for so long, I just try and pick them up. Ryan and the other guys are going to be the future of this team. I myself only have about two or three years left in me. Those young guys are going to be around for a long time. "

On playing fullback this season --
"I am just going to playing there until Peyton (Hillis) gets back. I am just filling in and doing the best I can. I am running in there full speed and lowering the shoulder. All the blocks are not great, but I'm not a natural fullback. There are sometimes where they have me block as a halfback. I'm not complaining about it. I'm happy to be here, and I'll do whatever they ask of me."

On if he has ever played fullback before --
"No I have never played fullback in my life. I was always halfback, receiver, strong safety. In my career since high school, I have always played halfback. But fullback, I am fine with it. If coach asks me to do it, I'll do it and do the best I can."