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Horse Tracks 7/30/08

Here's a Wednesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Montrae Holland is still dropping the weight.  See here

Here's one guy that is just trying to make a team.  See here

Casey Wiegmann is getting used to the orange and blue.  See here

Denver needs to determine the value of Domonique Foxworth.  See here

Sam Adams, the small, tells us to think TD instead of FG.  See here

Matt Prater has huge shoes to fill.  See here

Looks like Pittsburgh claimed a former Broncos punter.  See here

Sam Adams, the small, also spoke with Daniel Graham.  See here

Cecil Sapp has been unchallenged so far.  See here

Dewayne Robertson feels better and is ready to play.  See here

Denver's WR corps are bruised up from a "blaster".  See here

Andre Hall is still in the mix at RB.  See here

Even the veterans are learning from ther basics.  See here

That's all I have.  Have a good day!