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Horse Tracks 7/31/08

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Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enojy!

While it has been mentioned on MHR that John Lynch is leaving, I have some stories to share.  See here, herehere, and here

Mark Kiszla talks about the lack of leadership this team now has.  See here

Brandon Marshall showing maturity?  I hope so.  See here

Ebenezer Ekuban has moved to DT.  Hope it works out.  See here

That wasn't the only news from Training Camp.  Two rookies were impressive.  See here

Eddie Royal is embarassing the DBs.  I hope this will continue with the opponet soon.  See here and here

The Broncos have a player from Mexico on thier roster.  See here

Tony Scheffler is driven to stay on the field this season.  May the injury bug stay away from him!  See here

Ryan Harris relishes the shot at starting this camp.  See here

Here's a great article on Elvis Dumervil from USA Today.  See here

This article has some interesting trivia on how each team got thier mascot/nickname.  See here

Ebenezar Ekuban might be the next Bronco veteran looking for a job.  Check it out HERE

How about some funnies on this sad day.  From Drew Litton at RMN...



That is all I have today.  Have a good one!

PS.  Have fun in Dove Valley, Guru!