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John Lynch Leaves Broncos To 'Weigh Options'

John Lynch confirmed last night that he has left the Denver Broncos and is "weighing his options" in regards to his future.  

I'm going to explore all of my opportunities," Lynch said Wednesday night.   "Is it retirement? Maybe. Is it playing for another team? Maybe. [Coach] Mike [Shanahan] has given me the opportunity to explore that and that's what I'm going to do. But I won't be playing for the Broncos."

Lynch had been given no guarantees about playing time, though we was running with the 1st team defense in their normal alignment.  It was in "nickel" and "dime" packages that Lynch was being pulled off the field, something that did not sit well with the 16 Year vet.

"I had a good meeting with Mike [Wednesday]," Lynch said, according to the Rocky Mountain News. "There are no hard feelings, I'm just looking at what's out there. In my heart I want to play, but I need to look at everything right now and that's what I'm doing. Is playing still part of that? I really have to look at that and see."

Lynch has aspirations of getting into television after his playing days are over, and my feeling is he would retire on the spot of a TV gig was presented to him.  A certain Hall of Famer in my book, Lynch's role had figured to be reduced this season with the emergence of Hamza Abdullah, the signings of Marlon McCree and Marquand Manuel.  Rookie Josh Barrett is also having a great Camp and Lynch's playing time seemed to be on the verge of getting squeezed.

There is little doubting the impact Lynch had while a member of the Broncos.  From the moment he arrived prior  to the 2004 season, Lynch ingrained himself in the community off the field and was selected for 4 straight Pro Bowls on it.  Personally, I wish John Lynch nothing but the best, whether he decides to play again or moves on to the next phase.