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Live Bloggin From Broncos Training Camp


8:00 AM mst - Good Morning from the Press Room at the worldwide headquarters for the Denver Broncos.  With The Denver Post on one side of me and the Rocky Mountain News on the other, MHR has taken the next big step towards complete respectability.  I know the Broncos read this site, so let this be my public Thank You!  It means a lot to this lifelong fan to be given a tremendous opportunity and I plan to make the most of it!

In true Guru fashion, I have once again stumbled onto this day at the perfect time.  John Lynch has left the Broncos, though there will be a press conference with him after the morning practice.  I'll listen in, and give you my thoughts afterward.

A few things I am going to watch for this morning include -

--Who is running with the first team at safety now that Lynch is gone? 

--Just how awesome does Josh Barrett loook in person?  People have been raving about him throughoout camp and I want to lay eyes on him for myself.

--What is the general mood of the team during the workout.  Players will aways say the right things to the media, but find it hard to mask it when it comes to their enthusiasm and effort.  There will definitely be a letdown, especially in the leadership department, and how quickly the players get over it is something to watch.

--I'm just psyched to watch some football!!!

Stay tuned to MHR all day.  Today more than ever, MileHighReport is YOUR SOURCE FOR THE DENVER BRONCOS!