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Horse Tracks 7/8/08

Here is a rested, sunburnt, post-holiday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Mike Kils of the Denver Post answered mail and shared his toughts.  See here

Kils also talked about the "X" factor this season.  See here

Woody Paige had an article about Pat Bowlen and the credit the owner deserves.  See here

Bill Williamson has an article about Ryan Torain.  See here

This story is a little old, but former Bronco Marcus Nash suffered a broken neck playing for the Dallas Desperados of the Arena Football League.  While he never panned out for our team, it is scary when something like that happens.  Please pray for him.  See here

Barack Obama will be giving his acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium.  Let's hope the field isn't too torn up after that.  See here

NFL News

Looks like the Steelers are trying to change up their ownership.  See here

Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick have reunited for NBC Sunday night show.  See here

Guru's "favorite" player, Brett Favre, keeps hitting the news wires.  See here

How the mighty have fallen....Michael VIck has filed for bankruptcy.  See here


That's all I have.  Enjoy your day!