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Brandon Marshall Meets John Q. Law....Again

I guess Brandon Marshall just can't keep his nose clean after all!?!  As was first being reported by, Brandon Marshall had another run-in with the law, this time on I-25 in Denver.  Marshall was cited or allegedly straying from his lane and driving without a valid license.  The violations took place on June 12.  Not mass-murder by any stretch, but another example of the oft-troubled receiver's poor judgment.


Marshall was already looking at a serious moving violation in regards to a DUI case that is set to go to trial in September.  That, along with the numerous beat downs of his ex-girlfriend and the "horseplay" that cut a huge gash in Marshall's arm means B-Marsh has had a full year already.

I made my feelings about Marshall clear after the latest domestic violence incident from March was reported last month, and this latest set-back, while not serious on its own merits, might be the straw that breaks the proverbial back of Marshall's playing status.  Roger Goodell will undoubtedly take notice of all these "small violations" of the Player Conduct Policy and force Marshall to take his career in the NFL seriously....or else.

Hat tip to our resident Chargers Fan DaBolts for posting this in the FanShots!!!