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How About Some Football?!? Broncos Sign Three More Picks

Alot of off the field stuff lately has really been a drag.  Even all the Brett Favre stuff has me ready to find the nearest building over 4 stories and leap to a slow and painful demise.  Luckily, the Broncos made some annoucements just in time to save me from ridicule. 

While the top of the Broncos' draft remains unsigned, the bottom half is sealed and delivered after three more of the newest Broncos came to agreements to actually get paid for their new career.

LB Spencer Larsen(6th Round), RB Ryan Torain(5th Round) and DT Carlton Powell(5th Round) all came to agreements on 4-year deals.  Torain, the first of the team's two 5th rounders, received the largest signing bonus, coming in just shy of $200k.

The signings leave FB Peyton Hillis as the only late round pick still awaiting a contract, though the team hopes they can get it wrapped up by this weekend.  As for the top-4 picks in the draft, past history tells us the Broncos will get it done, though likely at the last minute.  The Broncos has historically waited until the week before Training Camp to get the upper-level contracts finished, and with the roster limit set at 80 this year there really isn't a rush.