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Broncos Training Camp - 8/1 Quotes

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On LB Boss Bailey's absence from practice --
"His knee was a little inflamed today so we kept him off."

On his confidence in this year's team --
"What I said is you have to be a little bit lucky, fortunate and healthy. Like I said, in the two Super Bowl years we lost 10 starters (games) one year and we lost 15 starters (games) the next year. Last year we lost 72. I've got some high expectations for this team and hopefully we will get there."

On S Hamza Abdullah's health --
"Same thing, a little tight; his groin was a little sore. We kept him off the last two periods. He practiced everything except the last two."

On Gary Zimmerman being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame --
"It's a great tribute to Gary and this organization. Obviously the first Super Bowl we won he was a big part of that. Like I said, he's a guy we never had to worry about making a play. You don't say that very often in the National Football League, especially at that left tackle position. I gave an illustration of this one where his shoulders popped and he refused to come out until John (Elway) did. That gives you an idea of how tough he was as well. We will be down there (in Canton, Ohio) with about nine or 10 coaches that were with Gary. We are looking forward to it."

On status of C Tom Nalen's return to practice --
"I don't know. Tom is such a tough guy. When he's feels like he's ready to go, he'll go. When that will be, I really don't know. He's smart; when you get older, you understand what you can do and what you can't do. There is a difference between being injured and being hurt. Tom knows the difference. So when he can play he'll be back in the lineup."

On the importance of signing C Casey Wiegmann --
"That's the reason we signed him. Not only was he a veteran player, (but) we thought he was kind of the nuts and bolts of the offensive line at Kansas City all these years. I don't how many snaps he made in a row. He was a guy that held that offensive line together a lot of years. He did a very respectable job at Kansas City. Having him on our football team and playing the way he has is a plus for us."

On his impressions one week into training camp --
"Obviously we talk about a lot of things. The main thing is we just want to get better every day. There is not just one thing in training camp. What we are trying to do is get better every day as a team and focus on the now. Don't worry about what happened in the past and just worry about what's happening in the future. If guys go out there with that mindset, then you have a chance to play a little football."

On G Montrae Holland's return --
"I don't know. I'll tell you when his weight is down. His weight is not down right now. When his weight does go down to the weight that we wanted, then he'll be out there practicing."

On how Holland will fit in the lineup --
"Anytime you give guys an opportunity to get in front of you, it's never good. I'll answer that question when he comes back."

On T Ryan Harris and G Chris Kuper's performance --
"They are doing a good job. Not much experience there, but playing very well. I'm hoping we have one of the better offensive lines we've had in a long time."

On the Canadian Football League scouts at practice --

"What they do is evaluate our players, just like we evaluate college players. If somebody is cut at the end, they have a pecking order too, just like we do through free agency and what we do in college. If the guy is not picked up, and they think he might help their football team, we want them out here. We feel like all these guys are working their rear ends off. If for some reason they don't make it with us, they have an opportunity in Canada to play as well."