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Goodell: 'Decision On Brandon Marshall Coming Soon'

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I know, I know, another story on Brandon Marshall and his pending case with the NFL.  This time there is some substance for you since Roger Goodell made comments earlier today specifically about the Wide Receiver's case.  When asked this afternoon about Marshall, Goodell, who is in Canton as part of the Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, implied that a decision about Marshall is coming soon.

"We are in the final stages of that,” Goodell said. “We’ve had a hearing, we’ve had discussions. We’ve got a little more work to do — which was actually done (Friday) morning — and we should be making a ruling very shortly.”

Goodell also went on to explain the process involved when a player is "called to the carpet" by the Commissioner.

"First is to understand all the facts, to understand all the perspective,” Goodell said. “So we clearly understand the circumstances in which an incident or incidents occurred. Then we also look at the individual player and how they view the incident and how they view their behavior and how they understand that there are consequences with the kind of action they may have been involved with."

“They also understand what I expect of them and I communicate with them what I expect of them as an NFL player.”

With the Hall of Fame, coupled with the Brett Favre embarrassment, League matters have ground to a halt.  Hopefully the delay has more to do with the League putting in the time to understand the "offenses" than it is Favre.

Thinking ahead, should Marshall get suspended, he would be able to practice and play during the Pre-Season.