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Horse Tracks 8/12/08

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Here's a Tuesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

 Some Broncos were held out of Monday's practice.  See here and here

 Jim Armstrong states the obvious:  Jay Cutler is key to Broncos' playoff hopes.  See here

 The "Boss" will be out for at least two weeks.  See here

 After some scary moments for Louis Green, he hopes to be back on the field soon.  See here

 Good thing the Broncos got the first game out if the way.  Much work is needed to be done.  See here

 There is some good news today.  Montrae Holland rejoined his team for practice.  See here

 Two Broncos are making an impact in camp.  See here

 Denver welcomes the Cowboys this week.  Hope the result is better than last year.  See here

 Mike Klis had some items in his mailbag.  See here

 Wesley Woodyard is getting everyone's attention.  See here

 Former Bronco Jeff Shoate signed with New England.  See here

AFC West

American Football Conference logo. Looks like Greg Wesley just escaped the conquered fader nation and Adam Archuleta joined them.  See here

American Football Conference logo. Gunther Cunningham is looking for defensive toughness out of his Chefs.  See here

American Football Conference logo. Phyllis and his merry men have a MLB that is impressing everyone.  See here

That is all I have.  Have a great day!