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Denver Broncos Training Camp Quotes -- 8/12 AM - Shanny and Stokley



On the Cowboys' offense
"It's always good to go against somebody new. They have a different style running attack than we do and a lot of similarities in the passing game. There is a little different philosophy, but it will be good work for our defense and our offense."

On tackling against the Cowboys --
"We don't tackle obviously, but we'll form up a little bit. We have a pretty smart football team on both sides and a lot of competition. At the same time, they are trying to protect each other. It's more of an evaluation process, and cooler heads always prevail. We were able to do that last time, and I'm sure we'll be able to do it this time."

On the format of practice
"Basically, it is the same both sessions. We'll do different teamwork on one session than the other. One is more play action, the other one is more drop action. The morning practice will be a little longer than the afternoon practice."

On the Broncos hitting players other than their teammates --
"It's a little different. You are still going to hit, you hit your own players, you hit somebody else. It's good, especially in the third week, to hit somebody else. You get used to the talent level here, first teamers, second teamers, third teamers, what their strength is, what their weakness is. It's always nice to go against somebody you don't know. You play a lot more honest because you don't know the tendencies. It is a good evaluation process for all of us."

On the intensity of practice with the Cowboys
"That is why you do it. There is a respect level when you go against another team, and you want to go out there and practice well and play well. When you have different competition, it always gets the juices flowing, that's one of the reasons why we do it."

On motivation level
"Our football team is pretty smart. I told you our last time we practiced against them, I thought it was a Super Bowl team, and people laughed. I don't think people are laughing anymore because of the talent they displayed last season. We are going against a very talented team, a lot of Pro Bowl players out there. It will be a good test for us."


On looking forward to practicing against Dallas --
"It's going to be nice. We will get to go against different defenses, techniques and players. It's going to be fun to kind of judge yourself early in the preseason to see where you are at for a couple of days."

On if the intensity level will be greater practicing against Dallas --
"It's no doubt about it. It's a little bit different going against your own guys. It definitely brings up the intensity level."

On if Denver will change its effort against Dallas in practice
"No not really. Guys are fighting for their jobs. So, if you don't come out here 100 percent every day, you will not be in this business long."