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John Lynch Visiting With Patriots

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John Lynch was looking for a different situation.  He may have found it with a team that hasn't lost a regular season game in a year and a half.  Lynch is in New England, visiting with the Patriots about an opening the Patriots at safety --

The Patriots are hosting free-agent safety John Lynch on a visit at Gillette Stadium today.

The 36-year-old Lynch, a nine-time Pro Bowler and one of the grittier, more durable safeties to play in the NFL, was released by the Broncos on Aug. 1.

This isn’t the first time the Patriots have expressed an interest in Lynch.

When Lynch was a free agent in 2004, the Patriots visited with him before he signed with the Broncos.

The potential addition of Lynch could lessen the blow of losing Tank Williams to a season-ending knee injury.

That would be one aging safety crew, with Lynch and Rodney Harrison, though last season's 1st round pick Brandon Meriweather is in play for a roster spot as well.

While I wasn't crushed by Lynch's departure, this is the type of shrewd move the Patriots have become known for.  Whether it works or not is another question.