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Pac-Man Jones Shares His Opinion Of Brandon Marshall

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It didn't take long during the morning workout for Adam Jones, formerly known as Pac-Man, to make his feelings about Brandon Marshall known -

Immediately after practice, Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones was asked to compare Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall with Cowboys wideout Terrell Owens.

"He's nowhere near T.O.," Jones said of Marshall. "He's a good athlete, but he ain't on T.O.'s level. T.O. is 10 times faster and 10 times bigger. I wouldn't say he's nowhere near T.O."

Of course, Jay Cutler's retort, when apprised of the comments was nothing short of pure genius -

When reporters asked Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler about the comments, Cutler's reply was short and to the point: "We go against Champ Bailey every day."

I, for one, don't care what the "Rain-Maker" says, and to be honest Marshall hasn't put together enough of a resume to be compared to anyone, let alone T.O., but I wouldn't mind a bit of proper english.  I mean, "I wouldn't say he's nowhere near T.O", doesn't that mean he is on T.O's level?  How many negatives were there?