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Brandon Marshall Is Maturing Before Our Eyes

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In the best example yet that Brandon Marshall is truly looking to avoid the type of trouble that has plagued his past, the receiver has detailed his plans for how he'll spend his time during his 2-3 week suspension to start the season. 

"Me and Jay decided I'm going to stay with him," Marshall said after the first of four joint workouts at Dove Valley with the Dallas Cowboys.

"He's got plenty of room," the receiver added with a laugh. "What I'm going to do is take over his basement."

Yet Marshall made it clear that this will be a working vacation upon which he'll embark with Cutler at his side.

"What we're going to do is, I'm going to stay in the game plan. And at night, we're going to throw," Marshall explained. "And after we throw, we'll watch film and he's going to go over the game plan with me as if I was there."

"Jay's been great," Marshall said of his fall-back plan. "The whole Denver Broncos organization has been great to me.

"All I can do is just show them that I'm here now, and when I get back and be accountable."

It is always a concern to me when a player gets suspended because he is not allowed to come to the team facility.  A rule that I don't like for several reasons, most importantly because you take away the support system when a player needs it most, when things in his life are toughest.  With Cutler and Marshall stepping up together to provide the budding superstar a stable place to live, the two are essentially assuring that Marshall won't get into any trouble while away form the football field.

I have been hard on Brandon Marshall, as Jay Cutler has been as well.  It's tough love.  Brandon Marshall has a chance to be GREAT.  Not good, GREAT.  I will not sit quietly by and let him throw it all away.  Neither will his Quarterback.  Tough love is exactly what Brandon needed and he is now responding.  The way he has handled the  situation, from Cutler's public comments, to the suspension, to what he'll do during his time off has me more excited about #15 than ever, and the fact that the two will use the time to study and workout is simply awesome, in my opinion.

Gotta go order my #15 jersey right now!