NO!!!! Not the Orange Jerseys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it seems that marketing and the almighty dollar have become more important than winning in our parts. As most of you surely recall, the Broncos have not exactly done very well with throwbacks and orange jerseys. For me, three glaring instances come to mind...a whooping at the hands of the Raiders many years ago (possibly '94 or '95) and a couple of night game disasters - against the Colts and another game vs. the Raiders.

Basically, alternate jerseys have been an absolute disaster in the Shanahan era, and he has very rightly been superstitiously reluctant to put the Broncos into them again.
Unfortunately, the bean-counters have won out in that department, and the Broncos will be wearing Orange jerseys for two home games...vs the Saints and the Chefs. Thankfully, these are not national night games...but still. I am all kinds of nervous about this endeavor and disappointed in the decision makers at Dove Valley. My fingers will have to be crossed for the entire games!

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