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Broncos To Bring Back Orange Jerseys

As first reported in this FanPost, the Broncos plan on breaking out theie alternate home jerseys twice in 2008, the first time the team has worn the jerseys in 4 seasons.

The Broncos plan on wearing the jerseys for 2 homes games - September 21st against New Orleans and December 7th against Kansas City.

Past history has not been kind to the Broncos while adorned in orange, with the team blowing a big fourth quarter lead, in a snow storm no less, to the Oakland Raiders 28-25. The jerseys haven't been seen since, but in a day and age where merchandise sales are almost as important as ticket sales and Wins, the team has agreed to bring back the all-orange.

"I know some of our players are excited about wearing the orange jersey," said Joe Ellis, the Broncos' chief operating officer. "We think the fans will be excited to see it a couple times as well."

I, for one, love the orange and wish it was the "predominate" color in Denver's uniforms, like the days of old. At least orange will always have a place on this site, where the orange background has driven the SBNation tech crew crazy since 2.0 launced in March.