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Brandon Marshall Appeals Suspension

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Brandon Marshall officially filed an appeal of hsi 3-game suspension, though the appeal itself is heard by the man who rendered the punishment, Roger Goodell --

Goodell had found the Broncos' receiver in violation of the league's personal conduct policy. An appeal hearing has not been set, although it's expected before the season-opening week.

Appeal aside, Goodell said he would consider reducing the suspension to two games if Marshall met certain conditions.

The New Orleans Saints, the Broncos' Game 3 opponent, might be interested to learn the most significant condition is for Marshall to stay free from trouble and disturbances through Sept. 15, which is when he can be reinstated.

Does Marshall have a "snow-ball's chance in Goodell" to have the suspension reduced?  My gut tells me no, though that could be the enchiladas I ate last night.  Hopefully Goodell sees that Marshall is doing everything he can to make right and cuts it down to one, or dare I say, just a stern warning.  Stay Tuned.