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Denver Broncos 23 - Dallas Cowboys 13 - Post Game Quotes

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  Dallas Cowboys 13      @          Denver Broncos 23

August 16th, 2008 - 7:00pm MST
Invesco Field @ Mile High
Denver, CO


General --
"I was pleased with the effort of our entire football team. They did great work against the Cowboys both Wednesday and Thursday. We got a lot of things done, especially with our young guys. During that second drive today we had a couple penalties and we overcame a few of our mistakes. But overall, I thought we played extremely hard from start to finish. I thought we did better tonight."

On the offensive line being pushed around by Dallas' defensive line --
"To be honest, we played really well against them a couple days in a row, and I felt pretty good about our run defense. I thought we fared well. I think we played pretty well against a Houston team that will do well this season. We made some strides, but obviously we're not there."

On playing the starters for the entire first half --
"Yes, we planned on playing them the entire first half. I wasn't going to do it after that second drive. We wanted to get them in a game situation. We got a lot of young people out there. We have a new tackle and a new guard out there and we want to build cohesiveness."

On the offense and if he is surprised by how far along they are --
"I've said that I believe in these guys - they have a lot of fight, but they don't have a lot of experience. So what we have to do is keep on getting guys in there to learn."

On WR Eddie Royal --
"He's got exceptional ability and great speed, and great quickness. You guys saw him the first day, he wanted the starting role, and he embraced the challenge. He has been very consistent in practice, and done pretty well in the game."

On QB Jay Cutler's chances of improving --
"You can always get better, that's why you practice, that's why you work. You always try to improve. Jay is going to be hard on himself. There's not a lot of perfect games out there, so if you think you're perfect, you're going to be embarrassed pretty quickly."

On being a passing team or a running team --
"We're going to do what we're going to do. Jay's doing a great job of passing the ball. He's doing a good job of spreading the ball around. Against the Dallas Cowboys, you better be able to throw it because they have an excellent front seven, and their safety support is doing well."

On holding anyone out because of the rain --
"TE Daniel Graham had a tight hamstring, so he came out after the first series, and hopefully there's no setback there. And the guys that got banged up during practice were kept out for obvious reasons."

On S Josh Barrett --

"He tweaked his ankle on the opening kickoff. He came back later on. I'm not sure how many plays he played."


Offensive Rhythm --
"We had great tempo starting with the offensive line. We came in and we did a great job, they gave me time. We got the running game going."

Offensive Lines Performance Against Dallas --
"Those guys (Dallas' defensive line) run a 3-4, you don't know where they're coming. They have great edge pressure. We had the inside zone going and good push up front. It all started with those guys (Denver's offensive line) they got the tempo going for us, that kept them (Dallas) off balance. They gave me some time to throw the ball. You got to give those guys some credit."

On Andre Hall's Performance  --
"It's a great balance; the guy gets knocked around a little bit. He was hard to take down; you gotta love his attitude out there. The running back battle is heating up. All of those guys get in there and get the ball and make something happen, it's good to watch."


On Overall Team Performance --
"We came out and played well as a team and that was the goal. We came out and stuck together and put together some good drives and I think we did that today."

On His Long Reception --
"We had a scouting report on them because we practiced against them for two days. So we knew they were sitting on our routes a little bit. It was something we had in our game plan and we came out and executed it."

On Practicing and Playing against the Dallas Cowboys --
"You kind of have a cheat sheet. I got a chance to study the DB's up close and personal. It paid off today. We played well together; we just need to keep building on it."

On Denver Broncos Offensive Advantage --
"Ever week we have a couple of tricks for our games. We didn't show them everything we had, but we came out and played well."

On His Impressive Performance During Training Camp --
"It comes from a lot of preparation and having guys around me helping me out; Brandon Marshall, Brandon Stokley, Keary Colbert, Darrell Jackson and the list goes on and on, including Coach. They're making it real easy for me right now."


On the Offensive Performance --
"It's one of those things where we put in the work and it showed tonight."

Young Offensive Unit --
"Absolutely, you can't forget the other guy over there, Eddie Royal, that kid is amazing. Honestly when they first drafted him, I was like "who is this guy?" and why did we get him? Now that I see he's a play maker, I'm glad that I got him on the other side."

On How Defenses Will React to The Denver Broncos Starting with Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal --
"They can't, they just have to be fair. They're going to try me early on, and they're going to have to continue to try me. I'm still not proven, but I'm going to continue to punish them."

On His Touchdown Play --
"Actually it was a play that was supposed to go to Eddie. I guess the flat got covered up a little bit. So Jay went to his second read, which was me, so he threw it up and I just dove and caught it."