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Horse Tracks - Wednesday, August 20th

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Milehighreport_small_medium  The Broncos may shift gears when it comes to the offensive play-calling in 2008

Milehighreport_small_medium  Rod Smith is enjoying retirement, and helping Brandon Marshall stay on the straight and narrow.

Milehighreport_small_medium  Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler have a relationship that goes deeper than two opposing quarterbacks Friday Night

Milehighreport_small_medium  Despite returning to practice, chances are Tom Nalen will be on the sidelines against the Packers.

Milehighreport_small_medium  Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder are making progress heading into Year 2.

Milehighreport_small_medium  Sam Adams wonders if Shaun Alexander would be a good fit as a Bronco

Milehighreport_small_medium  A former-Packer, current Bronco, knows all too well what Aaron Rodgers is going through.

Milehighreport_small_medium  There's no link since a subscription is needed, but BuckeyeSports has ranked former Bronco LB Randy Gradishar #11 on the list of Greatest Buckeyes Ever.