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Green Bay Packers 27 - Denver Broncos 24 - Post Game Quotables


"Defensively, I believe we did a good job stopping the run. We improved from a year ago. We didn't tackle as well as I would have liked us to. We had some penalties, but I thought the effort was there. We have to tackle much better than we did. Special teams overall had a good game. Right now, I'm not really sure about the injuries. Manuel broke his thumb, I know that. Elvis Dumervil dislocated his finger. Right now with Patrick Ramsey I'm not really sure. I'm not really sure on how his shoulder or elbow is right now."

On S Marquand Manuel Possibly Playing With a Broken Thumb --
"We'll have to see if he needs to have surgery."

On Playing His First Unit in the Second Half --
"No, like I said during the press conference, we just want them to play a half. We had a lot of plays playing against Dallas. I felt pretty good about our football team. We're trying to prevent injuries, obviously. Marquand got hurt in the special teams which was a setback."

On Giving WR Brandon Marshall Playing Time, Despite His Regular Season Suspension --
"I'm just going to treat it like he sprained his ankle. Obviously when we have people go down, we need to have people step up and take the opportunity. WR Darrell Jackson did not play today because of a sprained ankle, hopefully he'll be in full speed and ready to go. We want to get some of those other players some playing time."

On the Possibility of WR Brandon Marshall Playing Against the Arizona Cardinals --
"I'm not going to go into playing time, but from looking at the past history, it's going to be pretty obvious what we're going to do."

On C Tom Nalen's Recent Knee Surgery --
"He had a pretty good surgery. They had to get some bodies out of there. They said that the results were very positive. We just have to see how long it takes."

On DT Ebenezer Ekuban's Status --
"I really don't know. I haven't talked to Greek (Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos) yet. I think I'll find out in the next half hour or so."

On the Play of TE Nate Jackson --
"I'm very pleased with Nate, and [TE] Tony [Scheffler] has stepped up. [TE] Daniel Graham is obviously out today with a hamstring; he'll be full speed and ready to go next week. Like I said we had little bumps and bruises, I'll find out the status of them in the next hour."

On RB Michael Pittman's Play Tonight --
"Michael played a lot in the second half and did a good job. He got tired and we had to put [RB] Andre [Hall] back in. Hopefully we'll stay healthy at that position. I thought [FB] Peyton Hillis did a good job making a big play to give us that first down, when we were backed up. He made a nice run and nice catch. [FB] Cecil Sapp and Peyton alternated during the first half. Overall I'm very pleased. I'm very pleased with the offense thus far."

On P Brett Kern's Taking Lead in Punting Position --
"Very close, very close."


"We started a little slow, we still moved the ball and I thought that the line did a great job with the running game. They kept us in it. We were struggling to complete some balls. I was able to get that big one to [WR] Brandon [Marshall] on the first drive, to set the field goal. We still struggled in the second series. We weren't able to make big plays. Our running game kept us in there."

On WR Brandon Marshall's Juggling TD Catch --
"He's good, you know. He's a big time receiver. Obviously I just threw it up in the air and gave him a chance."

On Reading Coverage's with WR Brandon Marshall --
"We had some things going and he understands coverages, kind of like I do and we had a good read from each other whenever he's one on one. We were able to take some shots and press the cornerbacks up and start jamming them and throw the ball over the top. That's what we're going to get, we're going to get some deep balls and some deep comebacks, that way he'll be hard to stop."

On the Play of Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers --
"I talked to Aaron, and I know him pretty well. I'm happy for him. He's in a tough spot over there. He had a pretty good outing. So I'm happy for him. He looked sharp and their offense looked pretty good."

On Missing WR Brandon Marshall the First Two Games of the Season --
"Of course we're going to miss the guy. He makes big play after big play. We can't do anything about it. We have to do what we can do."



On Looking Like a Wide Receiver --
"I'm comfortable with getting back to my wide receiver roots. Hopefully the coaches will want to get the tight ends involved that way this season."

On His Seven-Yard Touchdown Reception --
"It was a concept we have been working on a lot against zone defenses. Wherever they [opponents] choose, they choose wrong, and somebody is open. I just remember turning around and reaching for it and it ended up being a touchdown."

On Auditioning to Make the Team --
"Opportunities don't come along all the time. During the games you don't know what will come up and which opportunities you'll get to make catches and blocks. When opportunities do come along, you have to take advantage of them and show what you're made of."


On Broncos' 99-yard Touchdown Drive in the Second Quarter --
"With the team we have and the team we think we can have, a 99-yard drive against any team is a big deal."

On the Offense --
"We know we have the players on this team to go a long way in this league."

On Auditioning to Make the Team --
"I just have to do what I can. This is a tough league and it's going to take my best to show that I can perform."


On Starting in Place of LB Boss Bailey --
"The thing about a championship team is you have to have depth. When guys go down, other players have to step up and fill in."

On Green Bay --
"Those guys have a lot of talent. They have always had a good team and they came ready to play tonight."

On Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers --
"There's a reason they drafted that guy. He's a great player and I look forward to seeing him for a long time in this league."


On the Team's Performance --
"Hats off to our offense today, and the defense also played well. I think Coach [Rich] Tuten and Coach [Mike] Shanahan did a great job of keeping us all together in the offense. We all worked hard in the offseason and it's paying off so far."

On his Touchdown Catch
"We came out and I had a short route. The crowd helped out with noise, and we audibled to a deeper route and took advantage of them not having a safety over the top. The first deep ball I told [QB] Jay [Cutler] to throw it up to me, and I didn't catch it. We did it again and I caught the ball. I feel like I'm picking up where I left off last year."


On the Competition at Running Back Position --
"I am glad I'm not the one making the decision. They are all great backs and they are all doing a great job. [RB] Andre [Hall] and [RB] Selvin [Young] are both making plays and as you saw [RB Michael Pittman] scored. I am just glad that I don't have to make the decision."

On his Hand Injury --
"It's alright. I wanted to go back in for the last drive, but I could not grip the ball, so I let [QB] Darrell [Hackney] into the game to give it a try. I'll be fine."


On Tonight's Game --
"It went pretty well. All but one of my kicks went for touchbacks. I put through [converted] my field goals and so far I am happy with what I've done. But, I want to work on it and get better each week. I think no matter what you do your best to keep your job each week no matter if you're a rookie or a veteran."

On the Mile High Atmosphere --

"The fans are great and the ball travels well with the altitude. So far I like being here a lot."