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Broncos Injury Update -- Elvis Dumervil and Marquand Manuel

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From CBS4 Denver, here is the latest on the injuries to DE Elvis Dumervil and S Marquand Manuel --

Defensemen Elvis Dumervil and safety Marquand Manuel suffered hand injuries during the Broncos 27-24 preseason loss to the Packers Friday night.

Dumervil told CBS4 Broncos Insider Gary Miller he will have surgery on Saturday. He told Miller in the locker room after the game there's "no way he's going to miss the opener."

Safety Marquand Manuel has a fractured thumb and will also have surgery Saturday, according to Steve Antonopulos, the Broncos head athletic trainer. Antonopulos said Manuel and Dumervil should both be ready for the Broncos regular season opener in Oakland.

With two weeks to heal and prepare, both should be ready for Oakland in 16 days.  SIXTEEN!  That's all there is.  I, for one, cannot wait!