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Horse Tracks 8/25/08

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Here's a Monday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

 The Denver Post has a story about the injuries and some other notes.  See here

 Michael Pittman will be happy for any role on the team.  See here 

 Denver's defense gave a simple answer to their struggles:  Tackle better.  See here

 Mike Klis wonders if Brandon Marshall's suspension will be reduced.  See here

 Woody Paige thinks some big things are in store for the Broncos.  See here

 There are some Broncos fretting about cuts.  27 will not be on the team by next Monday.  See here

 Jay Cutler had none of the following during his preseason: fumbles, sacks or interceptions.  See here

 Bill Williamson stated the obvious that Cutler will be fine without Marshall for a couple of weeks.  See here

 This story claims that Nate Jackson is ahead of Tony Scheffler.  See here

 Some former Broncos and Colorado Rockies players played softball with some firefighters in Grand Junction.  See here

 What happens when you have the best news outlet on the blogs?  You get emulated.  It is nice to be admired.  See here

AFC West

Phyllis may have lost one of his most merry men.  See here

The conquered fader nation unveiled their passing attack and lost to Arizona Saturday night.  See here

Looks like the faded charcoal and gray are looking for a veteran WR too.  See here

Word out of KC is the Missouri Indains are loaded.....with questions.  See here

Carl Peterson could be out of a job next season.  See here

Bottom of The Barrel

What a twist of fate!   Aren't you all glad that Matt Leinart isn't in a Broncos uniform?  See here