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Brandon Marshall Misses Practice, Heads To New York For Appeal

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Brandon Marshall was not on the practice field this afternoon.  In fact, he was about 1500 miles away, traveling to New York City to have his appeal heard at the NFL League Office.  Marshall was accompanied to NYC by his attorney, Harvey Steinberg, and will not be heard by the Commissioner Roger Goodell. 

Word around the camp fire is that Marshall and the Broncos are hoping to have the length of the suspension reduced to just one game, the opener in Oakland.  That would still be a bit painful but would mean the Broncos most dangerous weapon would be on the field and ready to go when the Chargers come to town Week 2. 

Since the suspension is scheduled to begin this Saturday, most assume that the League will render its decision before Friday's game in Arizona. 

The Broncos are hoping the League takes a similar approach to the one they took last week with Green Bay Packers Linebacker Nick Barnett.  Barnett had been notified in June that he was going to be suspended for his role in an incident at a Green Bay-area bar.  Barnett was surprised by the suspension because the charges in the case had been reduced to one civil ordinance violation for throwing another person's cell phone against a wall.

Through an appeal process granted every NFL player receiving discipline, Barnett was able to reduce a one-game suspension to forfeiture of one week's salary. Thus, Barnett will be available for the opener in Minnesota, but he'll be docked $155,882, which constitutes 1/17th of his $2.65 million earnings this season.

If the NFL does in fact reduce Marshall's suspension it is likely that he would still miss a game, though 1 missed games is certainly better than 2 or 3.