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Horse Tracks 8/28/08

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Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

 An annual frustration has happened.  The NFL hall of fame senior committee passed over Randy Gradishar and Floyd Little.  See here

 Denver's WR group is preparing to fill in for Brandon Marshall when he serves his suspension.  See here

 Brandon Stokley is fired up for the season to begin.  See here

 Cutler and Dumervil praised Ryan Clady's work so far.  See here

 The league is considering adding two more games to the regular season.  See here

 Former Bronco Tyrone Braxton is coaching.  See here

 Another former Bronco, Allen Aldridge, coaches football as well.  See here

 Sam Adams, the small, asks if Cutler-to-Marshall will be legendary.  See here

 Andre Hall is quite happy with his position on the team.  See here and here

 Cliff Russell is on the edge of getting cut.  See here

 Patrick Ramsey is looking forward to playing against the Cards.  See here

 Expect a lot of play from Michael Pittman and Peyton Hillis Friday.  See here

 The defense will get to go against Kurt Warner.  See here

 Here's a story about former Bronco and current Cardinal Bertrand Berry.  See here

 Bill Williamson had some notes from Wednesday.  See here

That's all I have for today.  Enjoy your day!