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Broncos Training Camp - 8/4 AM Quotes



On WR Brandon Marshall --
"If I made comments every time I heard a rumor, I'll be talking to you every day and have to answer every question you (the media) ask. Let's deal with reality. We'll let you guys know when we know something."

On why LB Nate Webster is ahead of LB Niko Koutouvides on the depth chart --
"We have to start somewhere. Nate earned the chance to start just by what he's done here in these first eight days. It's very close. We are going to switch off in the middle linebacker position. By no means anyone has that job locked up. Most guys get a chance to work with the first unit. At the end of the preseason, we will come out with a winner. Either way, we have two good football players that will help us win."

On if he likes releasing a depth chart --
"You have to put a depth chart out during the week of the first preseason game. It's mandatory, and we had to do it last night, but I think we all know there are a number of positions that are very close. You got to put down a first team and second team even though we really don't know it's really that close. So Nate (Webster) will get the start against Houston, and we'll switch it off with Niko, and like I said that's part of the preseason and we'll see how it folds out."

On RB Michael Pittman's status on the depth chart --
"Michael plays both at fullback and tailback. He's a guy that can play both, very similar to Mike Bell. Michael has a lot more experience at both positions, and he looked it today coming back from his hamstring (injury)."

On DT Marcus Thomas being listed as a starter on the depth chart
"We had (Kenny) Peterson as a starter in OTAs. Marcus has had a good first week. It's still close, but Marcus has earned a chance to work with the first unit. Hopefully, he could keep it. He's very solid and he's in excellent shape and hopefully he can keep on getting better."

On the possibility of players who are currently low on the depth charts making the team
"To be honest with you, with 80 players we have guys that are very close and that's what preseason is all about ,which is getting the chance to evaluate these guys not only in practice situations but also in game situations. You really don't know. We had Terrell Davis way back when and didn't know if he was going to be on the final roster and he played really well in the last preseason game. That's when you get a chance to see some of these guys that are free agents right now that we haven't talked about. They have a chance of not only be part of the 53 (man roster), but part of the 45 (man roster). We have some talented young kids on this team, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in game situations."


On the depth chart --
"In June, we have a depth chart, and they tell us where we are then. I guess (the depth chart) is for (the media.) We pretty much know where we stand on the offense and defense."

On WR Brandon Marshall --
"I didn't really know much about the incident. He is a good kid. It has been an unfortunate thing that he has had some run-ins with the law. He doesn't deserve any of that because he is not a bad guy. You hear stuff about what the other guys are doing... Brandon is a good kid. He is out here working hard, and he is ready to go. If he gets suspended two, three or four games, it will hurt the team, but it will give other guys an opportunity to step up. Brandon is a big part of what we try and do. He is Jay's (Cutler) guy. It would be disappointing to know that he is suspended. Brandon has come in here with sheer focus. That is one of the things I have commented to him on, how focused he is. Now he is a changed guy. You want to get better, so I applaud him on that. Hopefully he will be with us this season."

On how the suspension is weighing on Brandon Marshall --
"If it is weighing on him, it doesn't show. Any time you get a chance to be taken away from something you do, it is obviously going to hurt you. He is doing a good job not letting it bother him. He is out here everyday working us, trying to get better, becoming Jay's go-to guy. All kids make mistakes, I make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. I don't think he should be judged on the rumors he had in the past. I think he has only been convicted in one of his charges. He is a good kid, just an unfortunate man. Hopefully it won't be so bad. I'm hoping Brandon will be with us the first couple of games because he is a big part of what we do. "

On QB Jay Cutler --
"Jay has always been cool with me. I didn't know that last year he was going through. When I came here last year, I couldn't tell any difference. He still had a strong arm. If you gave him a crease, he was able to get that ball in there. Jay coming in this year seems to have this under control. He was tested for it (diabetes), and it's under control. He is doing a great job, he is eating, he is taking his medication. Right now, he is having so much fun. He is active with the guys. The one thing I love about Jay, after being around quarterbacks during my career, he has a quiet confidence, and I love that about him. He's not going to do a bunch of talking about it. He is not going to be jabbering to a lot of people. He does his talking with his play, and I love that about Jay. I think he is ready to go this year. He is ready to do good things and get this team back at the top of the AFC West."

On playing time in preseason --
"I don't know any veteran that is excited about preseason, excited about practicing. In games, you just want to get in and get a chance to show some of the skills that we have and just get a feel. Most veterans don't need a lot of preseason. Like I said, whatever is asked of me. I am looking forward to getting out there with the rest of the guys and just moving forward. Last year was a disappointing year from the Broncos, and it was disappointing for me. I was coming in expecting to get back into the playoffs. I haven't been back to the playoffs since I was in St. Louis. I feel like I wasn't having it after being in Detroit for four years, but I am excited about this year. With Coach (Bob) Slowik, our defensive coordinator, everything will be simplified. Guys understand and know their responsibility, and we will benefit from our defense. With the addition of (DT) Dewayne Robertson, that will help our defensive line as a team to play better against the run. I am fired up because of Jay, and the offensive guys that we have. Drafting (WR) Eddie Royal and (T Ryan) Clady... I really feel like this is going to be our year."

On where Denver's secondary stands among the league --
"I feel that duel-wise, we are still at the top. If you want to compare our (he and Champ Biley) first six, seven years to their years, just look at the numbers. I let our play do the talking. DeAngelo (Hall) is a great corner, and the guy on the other side is a great corner. Those guys make big plays. We are coming into our 10th year. Last year wasn't the year we wanted to have as a team, as a secondary, but based on what we have done in our careers, we make plays. We are playmakers, and we are looking forward to contributing to our team, and helping our team win. We'll let the rest handle itself. "