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Broncos Training Camp - 8/5 Quotes - Shanny and Robertson

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On his most pleasant surprise of training camp thus far --
"We have a bunch of them. We have some free-agents looking good, some draft choices looking good. We are a young football team but we have been pretty impressive thus far but you have to put it together in gameday and game situations. I am looking forward to them playing some exhibition games and see how they do when the lights are on."

On WR Darrell Jackson's camp thus far --
"He has done a good job. We have some competition amongst the wide receiver positions. We have a pecking order right now but it can change very quickly. There are a lot of guys competing and it will probably come down to game situations and obviously the remainder of camp."

On CB Champ Bailey's hamstring --
"It is like all hamstrings, it will take a little bit of time to rest but Champ recovers pretty quickly. It wasn't a bad hamstring so that is good news."

On C Tom Nalen's knee --
"Anytime Tom sits out of practice it is not just another injury because it is tough to keep him out of practice. He is obviously sore but it is healing better according to Greek (Steve Antonopulos). Hopefully it will keep getting better so he can get out there and practice. I think he has the experience where he doesn't really need the preseason games and he is working hard in the weight room to make sure his conditioning level stays at a certain point. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we can get him back and he will be ready for the first regular season game. Right now the MRI is negative so we are not going to do surgery just to do surgery. Hopefully rest will be enough but we will find out in the next couple of weeks when some of the pain subsides. It is very painful, like I said; if Tom is not out there then you know it is quite painful."

On QB Jay Cutler --

"He has been doing this for awhile. As you know we had 17 OTA days and he was very impressive. The more reps a quarterback gets the better he feels. When we put him in some game situations like we have been doing out here, he gets to experience some of this before our preseason games. He feels more comfortable with the system and more comfortable with himself. He has been doing a good job and hopefully it shows up."


On his welcome to Denver --
"It has been pretty good. I'm adjusting to everything, learning the scheme and trying to do what the coaches ask."

On adjusting to the altitude --
"It was kind of rough the first couple of days in OTAs but I have gotten used to it; it's not too bad."

On his expectations for the team --
"We have a lot of talent up front. The coaches are doing a great job of putting players in the right positions to make plays. We should be pretty good on defense this year, I can't wait."

On the defense's confidence in the new scheme --
"I wasn't here last year, but I can feel a sense of urgency with the guys just trying to get better than last year."

On his coaches in Denver compared to his coaches with the New York Jets --
"The coaches I played for last year were great coaches, but the coaches here are really putting guys in the right positions to make plays."

On his goals --
"I don't do numbers; I don't set numbers for myself. I just try to come out and help this defense get better and help my team win."

On his role on the defense --
"Probably to cause havoc, penetrate the backfield and disrupt plays."

On the development of the younger defensive linemen --
"Those guys, from what I've seen since I've been here, they been working their butts off and getting better each day. They have been coming along pretty well."

On DT Marcus Thomas --
"Marcus is a very explosive defensive lineman. He can cause a lot of bad plays for the offense. He can get in the backfield and disrupt plays and just cause a lot of negative plays."

On being back on a 4-3 defense after playing in a 3-4 with the Jets --
"It's pretty cool. I'm just trying to get that 3-4 stuff out of my system and get acclimated again with the 4-3 scheme. It's not that bad but I've been dealing with it. The more reps you do, getting back into the habit of it, it becomes natural once again. I'm just trying to take as many reps as I can to get that natural feeling back."