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The Worst Kept Secret Ever! Brandon Marshall Suspended 3 Games

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In what has become the worst handling of any conduct case in NFL history(remember, they really didn't care what players did off the field before Roger Goodell took over), the worst kept secret in the history of sports became a reality when the NFL officially made official the officially official punishment levied against WR Brandon Marshall.


In a statement by the league -

A league spokesperson said the suspension could be dropped to two games if Marshall undergoes counseling during the suspension.

"If Marshall fully complies with required counseling and other conditions of the suspension, Commissioner Goodell will consider reducing the suspension to two games," the statement read.

Marshall will be eligible to return to the Broncos' active roster on Monday, Sept. 22, a day after the team's game against the New Orleans Saints.

He is eligible to participate in all preseason practices and games.

Marshall was arrested in March on a domestic violence allegation by his ex-girlfriend, and is due in court in September for a trial on a drunken driving arrest from October 2007. He as been arrested three times in the past year.

The third-year pro emerged as the Broncos' top receiver last season after the loss of veterans Javon Walker and Rod Smith to injuries, developing a strong rapoire with quarterback Jay Cutler. Marshall set career-highs and led the Broncos in receptions (102), receiving yards (1,325) and touchdowns (seven).

The penalty is subject to appeal, and depending on what sources you read it appears Marshall will do just that. Something tells me, however, that appealing the suspension is likely not part of the stipulation that "Marshall comply with all conditions of the suspension", which would knock a game off the punishment.

We all knew this was coming so we should all be prepared for it. We have gone back and forth about whether we agree/disagree, feel it was deserved/undeserved, and whether it is fair/unfair. Let's leave that to the other sites now. With all the intelligent Broncos fans that call MHR home, let's focus ON THE FIELD, and what this means to Spetember 8th and beyond. That is going to me my take when I get my thoughts together.