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MHR University - 2008 Final Exams!


Congratulations!  I and the rest of the faculty at MHR University want to thank everyone for a terrific year.  Your final exam is going to help MHR-U to better serve you in the next reloading season by grading the series itself.  First, please read the following articles (if you haven't read them already), and then answer the following questions.

To start your exam, read on...


Here is a list of the MHR University articles for the 2008 term.  Read any that you've missed.

  1. The Importance of Endurance, where we discussed how endurance is a critical trait in football.
  2. Defensive Theory, where we discussed how different defensive coordinators approach the game.
  3. The Coming Storm (Magic 3), a discussion about the evolutions and trends in offense, the future of offense, and the theory behind the three TE system.
  4. The '08 Defensive System(?), where we discussed some possibilities for what Slowik might run, and an overview of the zone blitz system.
  5. What is WCO, Spread, and Coryell?, where we defined the terms "West Coast Offense", "Spread Offense", and "Coryell", and discussed the proper understanding and history of each.
  6. DL Gaps and Techniques, where we learned the meaning of "gaps" and "technique" as they apply to the defensive line, and demystified some terms.
  7. The Cornerback Position, where we defined coverages types and differing CB roles.
  8. Zone Blocking, where zone blocking was defined, the difference between cut and chop blocking was defined, and MHR endured a troll attack in the comments section.  (The MHR Debate Team also trounces a troll).  MHR's first use of the "Ban Gun", and quite a moment in MHR history.
  9. The Bootleg Play, where we discuss one of Denver's (and Houston's) favorite and more spectacular plays.
  10. Building Cred at MHR Part One, and Part Two.  This short series was on how to put together a good post, as well as how to fit in on the friendliest sports site on the net.
  11. Deciphering the Reloading Season, where I made a few predictions (before some FA signings and the draft) and what might happen.  Looking back, I did pretty well (despite some glaring misses).
  12. Cover Two Systems, where we define the term in the proper context, cleared up some common misunderstandings, and picked up some pros and cons to watch for.
  13. Modern 3-4 Defense Systems, where we discussed the three systems in use today in the 3-4 formations, and again cleared up some media-borne misunderstandings.  Some pro and con discussions for each.
  14. The Nickel Formations, a discussion of the purpose behind, and variations of the nickel formation.
  15. The Importance of Speed, which discusses some aspects of speed in football.
  16. RB Depth Schemes, a brief article that defines how teams assign different roles to RBs, not in terms of power or speed, but in terms of rotation types.
  17. The "Show Blitz" System, a discussion of the system run by Denver under Coyer in the past and possibly to be run in '08 under Slowik.
  18. Creating a Roster / Depth Chart, and the second part in the short series Roster Part 2, Now it Gets Hard!, a discussion about what can go into determing a roster and depth chart for offense and defense respectively.
  19. Some Tricks for Reading a Defense, where we briefly covered how offensive coordinators can pick apart a defense.
  20. Tailgate Food!, where we took a fun little departure from Xs and Os to discuss football food.
  21. Understanding the Run Contain System, a system that failed in Denver miserably, but is perhaps misunderstood by the fans that were burned by it.
  22. Researching the Opponent, a discussion on what some coaches look for when breaking down the opponent.
  23. How to Watch Preseason Games, A look at what I'll be wathcing for in the '08 preseason.

Now just answer the following questions.  Feel free to be brief or to expand where you feel comfortable.  Your answers will help me to adjust the MHR-U series to better reflect what YOU want, so that I can better serve the MHR family.  Don't sweat over the test.  YOU aren't the one being graded!  :  )

1. Which of the articles did you like best, and why?

2. Which did you like least, and why?

3. What would you like to see in future articles?

4. What does the writer do well or not do well in articles or comments?

5. Is the writer responsive to questions?  Are the answers helpful?

6. Are the article and and comments too simplistic, over your head, or just about right?

7. What can be done to make MHR-U better in the next reloading season?

Thanks to everyone for a terrific reloading season at MHR-U.  There will be some articles during the regular season, but most of my time will be devoted to changing gears back to doing the game preps for the site.  We'll be using a lot of the terms and knowledge we've gained in the reloading season to help us in dong our pre-game match-ups.

And remember, as always, any questions you have can be put in the comments section whether it is a MHR-U or Game Prep story.  We're all here to serve you, the fans of the best pro football team on the planet.