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Horse Tracks - Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Good Morning, BroncoManiacs!  Here is your Thursday Morning addition of Horse Tracks.....

Mhr_logo_medium   Alot of reaction to what Brandon Marshall had to say yesterday after practice.  You can check it out HEREHERE, and HERE.

Mhr_logo_medium  Several thoughts on the injury to Ryan Torain as well..  You check that out HERE, HERE and HERE.

Mhr_logo_medium  Chances are the Broncos will be without Tom Nalen until Week 1

Mhr_logo_medium  Randy Gradishar and Floyd Little have made the cut with the Veteran's Committee at the hall of fame

Mhr_logo_medium  The latest edition of MHR Radio has been uploaded.  You can subscribe HERE.


Acmepackingco_m_medium   AcmePackingCompany has some final thoughts on the most annoying story in sports history.(AcmePackingCompany)

Arrowheadpride_m_medium   Ten things Chiefs fans are looking for when they play the Bears in their Pre-Season opener tonight(Arrowhead Pride)