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Broncos Training Camp - 8/7 Quotes - Andre Hall and Nate Webster

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On his initial reaction to rookie RB Ryan Torain's injury --
"Ryan was doing great. He's is very emotional and when I saw him go down, it hurt. At first I thought it was just a bump and he'll come back soon, but unfortunately he has a pretty serious injury that will put him out for a while. So I'm kind of messed up about that."

On what Torain's injury means to Andre and the rest of the running back rotation --
"We have to double up our load now. Ryan was going to step up and handle the short-yardage and goal-line packages. We couldn't argue on him about that position. He is one of those guys that are tougher and have a bigger body. He's bigger than Selvin (Young), Anthony (Alridge), and me. It kind of messes up the rotation a little bit, but we just have to step up and just do it."

On the excitement of going into the first preseason game of the year --
"I'm just sick of hitting against our defense. I'm ready to beat up on somebody else. I want to see how our plays work against a different team."

On how much playing time he'll have against Houston --
"The coaching staff will let us know by 11 a.m. They will tell us how many quarters or halves we are going to play each."

On how far he has come from last year --
"I can believe it. I worked hard and everything I get, I deserve. I go to work hard everyday. The coaches and players see it. I see it. I just pray that I get a shot once again and make the most of it."

On the news of QB Brett Favre going to the New York Jets and the prospect of playing against him later in the regular season --

"I'm not worrying about him. I worry about the defense. Maybe our defense should take heed in that. I don't really care."


On the importance of preseason
“We are trying to get out there and make a name for our defense immediately. And when the season comes around, to just have a taste in our mouths of getting off to a good start.”

On the defense
“We picked it up pretty fast, and we are having fun. It’s not as complicated, not a lot of rules. You give your athletes and players a chance to just play ball. We have a lot of talent on defense, and we use that talent better.”

On the establishing an identity on defense
“The only way we are going to prove that is going out on a Saturday or Sunday and making a name for our defense. We have been having good practices here, defense is doing well. The real test is going to come once we are playing games.”

On Kyle Shanahan (Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan’s son) coaching at Houston
“We know of it, but it still comes down to playing ball. I guess between them its bragging rights, but between us we need to make a statement.”

On playing QB Brett Favre with the Jets --
“It’s kind of early to say, but I’m sure it’s going to be a good one.”

On today’s short practice --
 “It gave us a chance to take advantage, get off our feet, and get ready for Houston.”

On his progress during camp --
“I just came in here with a positive mentality. Having a good off season, strength and conditioning program, and just transferring it to the season. Staying in shape, it’s a long season, but you have to keep your body healthy and that is one of my goals.”

On tackling someone other than his teammates
“I’m really excited. I have found myself trying to calm myself down knowing it only a couple days away. This long preseason, you get tired of beating your own guys up. During camp you look forward to some fresh meat.”