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Horse Tracks - Friday, August 8th, 2008

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Here's a Friday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Mhr_logo_medium   Anthony Alridge gets to return to his hometown Saturday night.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  We may get to see an Ironman on Saturday and I don't mean Ozzy Osborne or Robert Downey, Jr.  See here and here

Mhr_logo_medium  Brandon Stokley wants to focus on third downs this season.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  Stokley is also happy and healthy.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  It's a good thing that Ryan Clady is a big man because the bar is set very high for the rookie LT.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  Here's Clark Judge's "5 things to know" about the Broncos.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  CBS Sportsline also asked if the third year will be a charm for Jay Cutler.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  SI gave a training camp postcard of the Broncos.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  Dewayne Robertson is thrilled to be back in a 4-3 alignment.  See here

Mhr_logo_mediumWould you believe that the Broncos were somewhat responsible for getting Guru's favorite player to the NY Cropdusters?  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  Former Bronco kicker Joe Nedney will be inducted into the San Jose State University Hall of Fame.  See here

Mhr_logo_mediumThe Broncos' roster has transformed substantially since 2006.  See here

Mhr_logo_mediumWith all the new faces on defense, what is thier identity?  See here

Mhr_logo_mediumEddie Royal is excited to play and we are excited to see him.  See here

Mhr_logo_mediumMike Klis provides a 5-point plan to handle Koob's Troops.  See here

AFC West

Mhr_logo_medium  Big Bill Williamson shared a report that the Missouri Indians may have interest in Chad Pennington.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  Didn't people associated with the conquered fader nation last season say Michael Bush will be thier team's future savior at the RB position?  Looks like he will be just a blocker and a short yardage back now.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  Looks like there are still problems with Phyllis and his merry men getting a new home.  See here

Mhr_logo_medium  Antonio Cromartie is shooting his mouth off and predicting 15 interceptions this season.  I guess Phyllis' ego rubbed off on this merry man.  See here


Prideofdetroit_m_medium   The defending Champs got started on the wrong foot thanks to the Lions

Dailynorseman_m_medium   The Vikings wanted Brett Favre.  They may have to settle for the man Favre replaced in NY. (DailyNorseman)

Windycity_m_medium   The Bears lost to the Chiefs last night, but the longterm loss of a 1st Round pick could be alot geater. (WindyCityGridiron)

That is all I have today.  Have a great weekend and GO BRONCOS!!!