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Brandon Marshall Pleads Guilty To Driving While Ability Impaired

Hopefully this will put an end to Marshall's legal troubles for good.  The question remains, however, whether his 1 game suspension was all encompassing, including this case which was pending at the time, or if further sanctions as a result of the guilty plea can be handed down --

From CBS4Denver --

Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired Friday afternoon in connection with a drunk driving arrest last October.

Marshall declined comment and left the Denver courtroom with his attorney.

Marshall's blood alcohol level was .116, prosecutors said, when he was arrested on Interstate 25. The legal limit for DUI in Colorado is .08 and above.

The city's attorney's office agreed to drop a pending traffic case from June as part of the plea deal. The judge also agreed to drop charges of driving the wrong direction on a one-way street and wandering out of his lane. 

Prosecutors say Marshall must pay $1,100 in fees and fines and will likely be required to serve 24 hours of community service and attend alcohol-treatment classes and a victim-impact panel. He'll be on probation for one year, which the city prosecutor said could end early if Marshall completes his assigned sentence, which includes attending victim impact panels.

A jury trial on the DUI charge was slated to start in 4 days.

Marshall is slated to return to action Sunday against the San Diego charges after serving a one game suspension by the NFL and missing the season opening against the Oakland Chargers.