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Which Teams a Broncos Fan Should Cheer For (week two)

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So you're sitting there wondering which game to watch, and Denver isn't available.  Which team do you cheer for if you want the outcome to help Denver?  No problem; has you covered.

The computer did a heck of a job last week.  Denver not only won, but other games went heavily Denver's way.  Denver is on pace to win the division, and have a first round by (I know, it's too early.  The computer doesn't know that).  

We're also rating the games on how important they are for Denver fans.  For instance, a Denver game, or a game that features a Denver division rival, gets near a 5, while a less important game gets a 1.  So given a choice of several games, you now know which one is more important to watch!(Teams for Denver fans to cheer for are in bold)

Let's feed the schedule into MHR's Super Computer and see what results we get...

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CHI at CAR (3) - Both of these teams are 1-0 NFC teams, but we play CAR.  We want CAR to have a better record for tie break purposes.

TEN at CIN (3) - We want the AFC team with the lesser record to win. 

GB at DET (1) - Cheer for the team with the lesser record.

BUF at JAX (2) - We need for the better record team to lose.

OAK at KC (4) - Believe it or not, cheer for oakland.  They are rated behind KC (having lost to a division rival), so KC is actually closer to us.

IND at MIN (3) - Always cheer for the NFC team over the AFC team.

NYG at STL (1) - We want STL to beat the team with a better record.

NO at WAS (3) - Even though NO has the better record, they are an opponent this season and we want them to have a good record for tie break purposes.

SF at SEA (1) - Both teams or 0-1.  Because (for tie break purposes) SF is currently higher in their division than SEA, root for SEA.

ATL at TB (1) - Cheer for the lesser record.

MIA at ARI (3) - Always cheer for the NFC team over the AFC team.

SD at DEN (5) - Always cheer for Denver.

BAL at HOU (2) - Cheer for the lesser team.

NE at NYJ (2) - Go for NE (oddly enough).  Both teams are at 1-0, but NE (in a tie break) is behind the NYJs, and besides, perhaps Favre can do more for NY than NE can do without Brady.

PITT at CLE (2) - Pitt has the better record.

PHI at DAL (1) - Not only does PHI look better than the res of the NFC right now (I think), but they are ahead of DAL for tie-break purposes.

With a win, Denver stays atop the Division.  If Denver loses, SD overtakes us by tie-break.  In a couple of weeks, well start looking at where Denver ranks in the division and the League.

Go Broncos!